things i like so much it hurts

  • the smell of lilacs in a sunny field
  • books books books. books too thick to even think about finishing, books thin enough to slip into your bag, books little enough to read surreptitiously in class, books so beautiful that you don’t want to touch them
  • the public library
  • the huge, fluffy, snowflakes that used to fall on Christmas Eve
  • pretty girls
  • freshly-cut lavender
  • fine black pens
  • watercolours
  • staying up all night to see the sunrise
  • blank paper
  • oscar wilde
  • playing a piano piece properly all the way through for the first time
  • baby plants
  • and baby cats
  • and baby humans
  • orange gel highlighters
  • bernie sanders
  • old books that have been well-loved
  • jigglypuffs
  • rock concerts where you can scream along to every song and no one can hear you
  • silence
  • finally filling up a notebook
  • my cat’s tiny, perfect paw resting gently on my arm while she sleeps
  • sandwiches
  • jeremy renner
  • fresh coffee and a good book
  • faeries
  • piglet
  • roadtrips
  • sore muscles after a productive day
  • the safety and contentment of being in my boyfriend’s arms
  • latin
  • pastel colours
  • the way Christmas makes me cry every year
  • when my best friend makes me laugh so hard i end up on the floor out of breath
  • being left alone


#everydayinspiration from Blogging U


One thought on “things i like so much it hurts

  1. This was genuinely one of those reads that had me smiling all the way through. What a beautiful way to get to know someone! You have, with little wording, parsed the inexplicable intrinsic tingles of the heart that slowly warm the entire body. I loved this so much. So much. PLEASE do a SWOS. You have to, I need your brain on the series.

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