you don’t have to be black to be outraged

I’m reblogging today because The Daily Post prompt reminded me about it, and I was told it never actually showed up in the feed.

the emptied notebooks

I want to talk about something that happened in my state last night. Three incredible women set up a protest/vigil in Oklahoma City to honour those who have been slain by police simply for the colour of their skin and to speak out against the systematic and blatant racism that occurs in this country.

As I stated on Twitter, it was “beautiful, and peaceful, and powerful, and I’m grateful I could attend.” There were no outbreaks of violence or anger; when protestors of BLM (anti-protestors?) did show up with confederate flags and signs bearing the n-word (what better proof that the confederate flag is, in fact, a racist symbol?) they were respectfully but firmly asked to leave by protestors, and escorted away by the police.

This is a snippet of a poem someone performed, and it really captured me, especially the last line. I’m sorry I don’t know his name…

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