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I haven’t gotten any better at titles

What a fitting SoCS – concentration. My life revolves around the concept right now, and I’m grateful that I have enough of it to sit down and do this.


Me. me me me. I am to be the centre of my focus for the next few months, and I must learn again to be selfish, to concentrate on myself and what makes me who I am. The meds make me forget sometimes.

It won’t be the bad sort of selfishness, of course. Doing things for others enhances one’s sense of identity, I think. I won’t be wrapped in a blanket of narcissism and self-centredness, but I will put my needs first when it is reasonable. School, yearbook, a relationship… none of these things are worth me. Hopefully, in time, all the elements of my life will be able to coexist.

A major shift in thinking has had to occur lately. I think I will soon change my blog layout to better reflect my goals and dreams and hopes at the moment.

I heartily thank Linda for keeping this wonderful idea alive on her blog every week – I forget how freeing it can be to write without wondering if every single word is at its best, and I’m glad I can return and embrace it like a familiar friend, but with a fresh view.

Of course, between the stream-of-consciousness style and my scattered thinking, this post may not make any sense at all to you. If that’s the case, I’d like to refer you to this piece.


What did you think?

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