- my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING · 2) CREATIVITY


whisper your love to me; i do not need the world to know

allow only
my lips
my hands
my heart
my essence
the knowledge of you

love me quietly

at twilight, when we offer our dusky kisses to the stars
at midnight, when our breaths confide in the moonlit waves
at dawn, when our sleepy bodies find each other and
i curl into your warmth, the sun smiling
on us

whisper your love to me


after four months i’m finding my words again, largely thanks to my therapist, i suppose, and the support of my family. i have not forgotten you all – your unread, beautiful words haunt the back of my mind, and i hope that the summer and university will afford me the chance to submerse myself in your writing. i have only to survive three more weeks until i’m free of the hell that some know as the American public school system.


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