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a terrible analogy for a sleep-bereft day

i think we’re all quite aware that writing is my outlet… and this fact is probably the reason i’m not doing spectacularly well at the moment. i feel that when my blog suffers i do, and vice versa. i don’t just have writer’s block – i have writer’s Great Wall of China, keeping out not only the pleasant, creative, not-so-scary Huns, but those lead the great Literature, History, and Journalism assignments into battle as well.
i’m going to try to follow this up with a more positive response later in the day, once I’ve eaten my key lime pie yogurt and had about 12 more cups of coffee.

2 thoughts on “a terrible analogy for a sleep-bereft day

  1. I completely agree with the whole writers block you have going on! I haven’t been able to finsh the next chapter in my novel in like a month and I think my readers are about ready to slay me loll

    1. Oh my that’s the worst! (Well, I’m assuming – I could never actually write a novel). and when I don’t write I feel like I can’t even read blogs and then everything just snowballs. Here’s to hoping the block ends!!!!

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