how to do calc homework

see page.

marvel at seemingly infinite number of questions on page

spend ten minutes just writing name and date

do number one

praise self for outstanding intelligence

begin next section

begin to wonder how many points this shit is really worth

get a snack

watch music videos

wash hands three times and talk to eight year old brother for fun

stare at book dejectedly and struggle through section

get another snack

begin limit equations

pull up three different youtube videos and khan academy on how to do them

feel absolute dejection at complete and utter failure to understand

slam book and run through to kitchen yelling about the absurdity of mathematics

play piano for a bit

skulk back into room and glower at question #49

open solutions manual again to see if maybe you missed something..


could it be…?


realise you just have to use the properties, hastily find them and apply them to the problems

call The Times to announce that you officially have the highest IQ in America

marvel once again at your unbelievable intelligence

work through next problem

check answer to find that it’s incorrect

proceed to burn all materials containing numbers, write a sulky blog post, and praise the lord your degree won’t require anything even remotely mathematical in nature


6 thoughts on “how to do calc homework

    1. how can you possibly like calc????????? i’m going to have to unfollow you… jk, to each his own! i guess if everyone liked the same thing the world would be a bit boring. I know, I really want to catch up on reading and writing! yours is definitely a blog that I’ll be scrolling through to see everything I’ve missed. I’m alright, just a lot going on! hope everything is good on your end too 🙂

      1. Haha, how far into calc are you? I loved derivatives and integrals. Way better than pre calc! But still difficult. Aww I feel special, thanks Victoria 🙂 . It’s been up and down, like usual, haha!

        1. I think we’re about to do derivatives…maybe…idk… some crap about limits and end behaviours is happening right now… math never makes any sense to me! YouTube is basically my saving grace. We’ll see whether it’s better than precalc – when you don’t understand or care about any of it, it’s hard to decide which is worse
          And I hope more ups than downs! xx Is college better than high school?

          1. Derivatives are fun! You’ll get to integrals later this year. I’m currently doing slopes of tangent lines in pre calc and I hate it! Pre calc sucks. Sadly more downs than ups, currently in a depressive episode…might be coming out of the depression into a mixed state which is worse than depression which sucks. College is stressful, way way way more people than my small high school. Luckily i’ve made some friends and we’ve been doing stuff. Anxiety was through the roof this morning for no reason…then I found out that there was a shooting right by campus and then my anxiety got even worse. 😦 I hope your busy is at least a good busy!

  1. I don’t have a single mathematical bone in my body. When are we gonna need Calc in real life? Suppose an officer pulls you over for speeding, is he gonna ask you how to solve a math problem?!
    Hilarious post! 🙂
    Please do check out my blog as well! 🙂

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