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who am i even talking to?

it’s 5 a.m. this house is dark except for the flashes of lightning that punctuate the night and the porch light filtering in through the window above the door. alanis morissette is going on about something sad, and i’ve ignored your texts for the fifth night in a row. it gets easier every day, you know.

i haven’t slept. i have to drive 45 minutes into town and then work a six hour shift tomorrow. but i haven’t slept. my head hurts… i should have just stuck to drinking water tonight.

my soul hurts too… but no. no, it’s not pain. it’s numb. it’s nothing. it’s lost. i’m losing perspective, and i tell myself i’m doing better but you can only lie to yourself for so long.

i wonder if i’m going to get any sleep


2 thoughts on “who am i even talking to?

  1. Victoria<
    I'd say Good morning but then you haven't even been to bed yet. For some reason my hubby and I are still up as well. It is 6:45 AM here in Florida. The sun is just now coming up and it looks so beautiful from the inside. Yet, I know it is already a muggy 76 degrees. Dampness is felt just by opening the door.
    I am up because I want to be.
    Unlike you who really needs to get some sleep.
    Danny is off this week so neither of us have to get up and do anything tomorrow.
    Sending hugs….You sound like you could use one. I know I could. Danny is not a hugger.
    I can't believe I am still as talkative as I was all day Monday. Morning I am quite.
    Praying your day gets better. Hang in there. Know that someone is thinking of you.

    1. Well, good morning to you guys 🙂 And I hope you enjoy your week off together. Interesting to hear you’re talkative in the morning…I’m quite the opposite, at least in the real world. I’m quite averse to mornings.

      Thank you much for the hugs – i send them in return. Tell Danny a lovely lady like yourself should have hugs whether he likes it or not!

      I appreciate your kind words and prayers so much – you made me smile. I am going to try to get some sleep now. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

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