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I have been alive for seventeen years, and this song has always been there with me. Filling the car on road trips, in the lounge at night when my dad’s playing his guitar, pouring through my own headphones when I got old enough to make CDs… “Romeo and Juliet” has featured in every chapter of my life and has a myriad of memories that come along with it. Initially, it was never about the meaning or the words. The beautiful music and Mark’s voice just swept me up, and I couldn’t help adoring it (or any other Dire Straits song, for that matter). And now it gains new meaning as a love that could have been plagues my mind.

“when you gonna realise, it was just that the time was wrong?”

I don’t want to say too much, because certain memories and their ghosts are too fragile to properly describe, and they’re ruined if you try… just a fleeting emotion and image, then they’re gone. So I’ll simply leave this song here. Has it ever been an important part of your life?



2 thoughts on “juliet…

  1. I used to listen to this all the time, but then I stopped (I don’t even know why) and forgot all about it: thank you for loving this song enough to post about it so I could stumble upon it and fall in love all over again – Grace x

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