how much coffee is too much coffee?

“Writer’s fuel” – stolen off Grammarly’s Facebook page

I am sitting here, waiting for my coffee to brew, dreading the moment when I have to get up and clean my room. My brother and I are leaving this afternoon to drive two hours and meet my parents at the campsite. They left on Wednesday, but we’ve both had to work the last two days.


Alright, I just got up and poured my coffee. Life is okay now… I think I’m ready to start packing and cleaning. I know I haven’t read or posted much lately, and I won’t really get a chance to until Monday at least.

I just got my first paycheck last night and I feel so grown up! But I have to go open a savings account with the bank I’m using now. Ugh, human interaction and important things… I’d really rather not. It was all a lot more simple when my parents took care of everything.

“Wish we could turn back time to the good old days

When our mama sang us to sleep

But now we’re stressed out.”

Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out

I’m enjoying work. However, carhopping in pouring rain that’s being blown sideways by seriously strong wind isn’t the most fun. Anddd since I’m tired more often I’ve been neglecting the gym… sigh. Also, my ex showed up after my shift a few days ago, at like midnight, and I was awful to him and now I’ve stopped talking to him as well. I feel so bad but I just don’t know what to do anymore. I think it’s finally all over now.

I got the same damn score on my ACT as I did last time I’m so annoyed. But it’s my fault; I should have studied. My SAT was awesome except for the math… why am I so bad at math? *cries*

Alright, I really need to get started on camping prep. If you’re in the States, have a great 4th of July weekend! Well, if you’re not in the US I hope your Fourth is good too…unless you’re in England…then maybe you’ll just be mad…

My coffee is finished 😦

Love you guys xx

PS: my brother is gonna kill me. We’re making a collaborative driving playlist, and my half is basically all Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Three Days Grace, Arctic Monkeys, Theory of a Deadman, Fall Out Boy, Shinedown, and Icon for Hire. But in my defense, his whole half is probably terrible rap/hip hop soooo he can fight me.


6 thoughts on “how much coffee is too much coffee?

  1. I love Icon For Hire! Glad someone else knows about this band too. 🙂 As far as coffee goes, if you drink too much, two things will happen: 1) your heart rate will go way up and possibly lead to heart palpitations, and 2) if you didn’t have to poop before, you sure as heck will after too much coffee. Just hope you make it to the bathroom in time. It is, after all, the world’s best laxative. 😉

    1. Yeah, my ex introduced me to them last year and I instantly fell in love. They’re great.

      Good to know… I didn’t have coffee until 3 pm today cause we’re camping and I swear it was tragic

  2. Play nice with your brother on the way to camp and back, Victoria. You both should just wear ear buds and listen to your own stuff if it gets that intense between you. Just a suggestion. ❤

    Happy Fourth!

    1. He actually just let me play my playlist because he was too tired to care. I’ll probably listen to his stuff on the way back though. And the earbuds I have at the moment aren’t any good cause my new ones haven’t arrived yet

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