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is she on about that again?

Sorry, I know I’m always talking about them, but if there’s anything that inspires me, both in terms of photographic and literary creativity, it’s mountains. Any mountains, anywhere – big or small, rounded or jagged, in America or Africa, snow-capped or green, the Rockies, the Drakensberg, the Ouachita… just mountains. I’m posting an old photo because these beautiful giants aren’t exactly abundant in the plains *angry scowl* and I can’t find my photos from when we travelled to the other side of the state and I actually did see some decent ones.



5 thoughts on “is she on about that again?

  1. I was just talking to my wife today about mountains and one in particular, Kelly’s Peak in Idaho by Placerville. My family owns a couple cabins on the peak next to Kelly’s peak and it is gorgeous! If you have a chance, I highly recommend a visit to Placerville, Idaho.

    1. I lived in northern Idaho for about ten years, so I know the mountains up there are beautiful. I don’t know where Placerville is, but I’ll definitely try to go through there when I next visit!

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