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so much for that…

Ha sooo scratch what I said about the jazz last night. I got all cute and did my hair and got in the car and as we pulled out of the driveway my aunt called my dad and said the whole thing was off ’cause the venue had changed to somewhere awful. Ugh. 

On the upside, I still took pictures and you will now be forced to see my cuteness


Me, in the car, so happy that it got cancelled. I really didn’t mind since I was hella tired and I have to get up early.


My shirt may or may not be from Walmart but LOOK HOW CUTE THE BACK IS!!!!



Bottom right: I just got a new watch which I am very happy about since my old strap broke
Bottom left: My grandma is moving so she gave me this bag and it’s the perfect size for notebooks
Top right: A purple flower with jewel thingies on it that I forgot to take a picture of when it was out of my hair (I like purple – just letting you know in case my site background hasn’t tipped you off yet.) The flower is very uncharacteristic of me, but hey, so is socialising and jazz
Top left: My most favourite-est piece of jewelry ever it’s a little bottle with tiny gems in it that you can take out ’cause I unglued the cork lid. I got it at some arts fair/farmer’s market in Washington or Idaho when we lived up there and I just absolutely adore it but I hardly ever wear it because I’m terrified of breaking it.

I always look so serious in photos.

Aw one last photo of me mourning my wasted hour. It’s okay, I promptly took out my contacts and threw myself on the couch so we could all watch a family movie: McFarland USA. It actually wasn’t bad – I liked the epilogue where they told you where everyone ended up. It was cool.

So, um, Happy Sunday, and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU DADS OUT THERE. Y’ALL ARE DOING A FABULOUS JOB SO KEEP THAT UP IT’S VERY INSPIRING. But I do have to let you know that my dad wins so you can all have second place 🙂 much love xx


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