oh, thank you 

Well I’m on break at work for half an hour and I have absolutely nothing to do so I’m going to write this post that I thought up while I was making bags. 

 I took my dad out for Starbucks today and I realised how much we really have drifted apart. He’s honestly the greatest dad in the world, but over the last couple of years I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even noticed that we don’t talk much. As a teenager with  school/friends/work/boy problems/depression/emotions I forget to focus on others. We’re not close like we were when I was little, and obviously that’s a relationship that changes over time no matter what, but we really only talked about work. I’m sad that I don’t know the kinds of things that are in his life that I can make conversation about. He knew that my test scores and university are important so he inquired after those, but I don’t know… it was like we were halfway strangers. 

oooooooo I just saw a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo drive through the lot would it be rude to steal it?

Anyway. It’s not like we’re a dysfunctional family or anything, and my dad and I have always had a great relationship. I just haven’t looked after it over the years and I’m sad about that. 

Happy Father’s Day, daddy. I know you won’t see this, but I love you so much. You’ve done so much for your family and taken care of your little girl so well, and I’m going to tell you that as soon as I get home tonight.

You brought us thousands of miles away from your homeland because you knew it was best for Mike and me. 

Even though you don’t know how ACTs and SATs and AP exams work, you’ve always done your best to try to understand. 

When I was so sad for so long and you didn’t quite know why, you were always checking that I was alright and I knew I could always come cuddle up to you on the couch.

You always made sure all four of us kids knew how to do our best but stay humble. 

You taught me to love music and books, Formula 1 and soccer. 

You gave me the blue-grey in my eyes and the quiet, honest, strength in my personality. 

You are the first man I ever loved and the one I will forever. I love you so much and thank you for everything – Happy Father’s Day, because you deserve it more than anyone in the world. 
okay I’m going to stop now I’m tearing up and I have to go inside. 


5 thoughts on “oh, thank you 

  1. Lucky girl. Spend what time you can with him, while he’s still around. Agree with Judy, just show him the whole post. There’s nothing in there that you can’t share with him. Have a great day with your dad.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, one of my followers told me about the issue and it was still linking back to my old url for some reason, so I fixed it. thanks so much for checking it out!

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