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a job and some jazz

LIFE UPDATE because my life is insane and I haven’t had a free second since 9 am and probably won’t again until Monday. I’ll try to read blogs when I get home tonight… may or may not happen.

I just finished my third-ever day of work and my feet are SO sore (Epsom salts here I come), but I’m actually enjoying it a lot! I’m a carhop at Sonic (a fast food place where you take peoples’ food to their cars, if you’re not from here), and I’m just hopping credit cards at the moment. Sometimes we get slammed and I have to run around like a maniac and get really hot, and sometimes it’s more chill. I’ll probably have to start carrying money and giving change tomorrow… scary!! So yeah that’s pretty cool, I’ve never had a job in my life besides babysitting so it’s an experience. Everyone’s really nice and I’m having fun 🙂

I went to the gym before work this morning, and then tonight we’re driving 45 minutes south of us, having drinks at some guy’s house and then going to a jazz concert or something. I’m going to be so tired. And tomorrow is, of course, Father’s Day (hopefully going to go get a massage and Starbucks with my dad cause I can pay for things now!!!) then working in the evening. So that’s why I may not get to read or post for a while – I’ll try though.

I’m hungry I’m going to go get a banana.

Alright I’m back. I’m feeling really awesome about almost everything at the moment – universities, tutoring my brother and his friend, and figuring out next year’s schedule are still stressing me out, but with my meds working so well and me staying busy and exercising, the anxiety isn’t plaguing me like usual. A bad day is due in the near future, but I’ll handle it.

My exam scores are going to start filtering in over the next month, starting next Saturday – SAT, then ACT, then AP’s. I’m nervous, but I’m not going to worry too much. I really wanted all 5’s on my AP’s, but I don’t think I attained that in Bio. Oh well. I’ll update you guys on those if you want.

Oh and I’m doing a pretty good job of getting over him so that’s really a plus. I’m ignoring his texts, which I feel bad about, but I told him I cannot handle something like that in my life right now and he has to realise that.

Well, if you read this far, I’m impressed and thank you. I just needed to get all of that out. I love you guys!

Off to a Jazz Thingy I go (I don’t even like jazz that much *cries*)


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