woe is me

Oh, Daily Post, how do you know my struggles?

If you’re in school, are you enjoying your classes? … “

I like some classes. I like English and adore Latin. I like to learn. But next year it looks like I’m taking 5 AP classes and yearbook … and I think it’s just too much. Human Geo will be fun, as will Lit and Latin. But but but I really think that with five college-level classes and yearbook I’m not going to have any free time at all and will end up falling apart like I did junior year. I can’t quit yearbook – it’s my senior year, and who would be their copyeditor? I’m not really replaceable yet, not with the people we have on staff – hopefully by next year they’ll be able to take my place. If I give up APs I’ll be surrendering my weighted GPA and therefore possibly my class rank.

I’m honestly completely torn. I cannot go through the junior year situation again, I can’t let down my yearbook staff, and I don’t want to mess up my class rank. If I just had the five APs and some other class, I know I would enjoy it a lot. I’d be able to take enough time to study and prep for each class and I’m sure I’d do really well on my exams in May. Yearbook takes immense amounts of my time…. but I love it. I love my writing and editing. People-managing… not so much.

I say I hate school, and I kinda do – I don”t like the people and pressure and social interactions. I like classes, though (if they aren’t math). I love to learn and find out about things I didn’t know and work on developing my opinions and arguments.

So, Daily Post, yeah sort of. I just don’t know which one’s I’m actually going to take.

Sorry for complaining. This is just something I’m really struggling with and I have no idea what to do.


4 thoughts on “woe is me

  1. Wow, thats insane. I can’t push myself like that, I crumble very very easily under academic load…even just stress in general, its really crappy. Even just moderate stress sends me in a complete spiral with frequent full mental breakdowns. Best of luck to you, that sounds like wayyyy to much for me. Just remember, quality of quantity!

  2. I really think that no matter what, if it gets too much than perhaps ease off something? Not sure about the American school system, but whatever happens; if something crops up then try and net the issue as quickly as possible to reduce future trauma.

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