those library days

is there a better way to de-stress after only 3 hours of sleep followed by the SAT?  

funny (not really) story: the SAT wasn’t at my high school because they don’t offer it this month, so I had to take it at one of the OKC schools which I’ve never been to. Having left myself 20 minutes to get there, I pulled up the address on my phone and stuck it into Apple maps: 13 minutes away. Perfect, I’d be there seven whole minutes early. 

10 minutes later, as I’m cruising down the highway, apparently nearing the location, it announces that I’ve arrived. what? I look around. No, this is definitely still the highway and I see no school. Double check the address – it’s right. I do a loop around, almost late at this point, but Apple insists that the high school is located smack in the middle of Hefner Parkway, and the route won’t load on Google. Does John Marshall HS even exist?

I took the closest exit, sped into a Walgreens, parked like a jackass, ran in and asked the cashier (who was checking someone out – sorry ma’am) where the school was. Apparently it did exist, just a few minutes away at a very awkward intersection and not looking like a school at all. 

Having found it, I once again parked terribly, and made it inside right at 8:00 am (15 minutes later than the admission ticket said but still technically on time). 

Anyway, thanks Apple. You nearly cost me $70 and maybe some scholarships, if I didn’t do too badly. But the Walgreens lady saved me. 



what stresses you out? how do you de-stress? please share πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “those library days

  1. I love Macs and have had 9 now, but their GPS stinks. Garmin is the only one you can depend on!! Glad you made it. If you’re happy with your score, let us know. Judy

  2. if i were you, i would’ve been crying because the SATs are stressful enough without getting lost! I’m glad you made it though! I love your narrative, by the way.

  3. Well, at least you had no room for last-minute jitters about the test itself, Victoria! I have a feeling you settled down quickly, and scholarships to Syracuse University will be awarded. I’m hoping! πŸ™‚

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