america? america!

well i’ve been camping, and the reception was absolute trash so that’s why i haven’t been on. but i did get officially americanised (-ized?) by my brother’s friends… IMG_2530

i’ll upload a post in the next couple of days with details and photos or something… we had a really great time. the campsites right across from us were completely flooded – it was pretty cool.

oh and i’m hella sunburnt – no, not from camping, but from being in the parking lot for three hours today after i locked my keys in the car. you don’t usually think to put on sunscreen for just an outing to ihop with your friends

three concerned strangers, two dirty shoestrings, a bent coat hanger, an unsuccessful call to geico,  several calls to my mother, some screwdrivers and wooden wedges, heartbreaking tears in my door insulation, high levels of frustration, and a paperclip and rubber band (from the cute bookstore cashier) later, we got it open.

on the upside, it was right outside half price books and i had a giftcard


so yeah, today was interesting. and remember the “java boy” i wrote this post about? got to see him for the first time since ap exams, so that was really great. our little group’s new tradition is lunch at ihop and we have a movie night planned. i’m really working on enjoying the company of other humans,

well, i’m off to bed. sorry, i was too tired after zumba and yoga for capital letters. they’re so intense and so much effort. goodnight xx



i just finished “The Great Typo Hunt” by Jeff Deck and Benjamin Henson and damn that was an amazing book.


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