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is she on about that again?

Sorry, I know I’m always talking about them, but if there’s anything that inspires me, both in terms of photographic and literary creativity, it’s mountains. Any mountains, anywhere – big or small, rounded or jagged, in America or Africa, snow-capped or green, the Rockies, the Drakensberg, the Ouachita… just mountains. I’m posting an old photo because these… Continue reading is she on about that again?

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TPoDG: part V (i’m afraid my ex might feel like this)

“‘Then I feel, Harry, that I have given away my whole soul to someone who treats it as if it were a flower to put in his coat.’” Why I’m posting this Master post of quotes

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an update, i suppose

Life is good. I’m awake before noon, and I’m chilling at my best friend’s house by myself because she’s out of town and asked me to take care of her doggies. So I’m just lying on the floor, blogging on her laptop (incognito tab, of course), drinking coffee, and playing with Chicken and Li’l Dog.… Continue reading an update, i suppose

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finally, America!

Wow I don’t know if you guys have heard yet, but 20 minutes ago I woke up to a message in our group chat “the Supreme Court did something cool today” (that friend doesn’t tend to express proper excitement about anything). They couldn’t have, I thought. No way. But I brought up Supreme Court news, and there it was. Gay… Continue reading finally, America!

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poetry “portfolio”

I made a page with all my poems and links to them, so that you can find specific poems more easily. I’m not really sure why I did it… it took forever… anyway, they’re arranged chronologically at the moment, but I’m thinking of breaking them up somehow, maybe featuring my favourite ones or something. So… Continue reading poetry “portfolio”

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dreaming morning haikus

The sun peeks her face Over the red horizon Shy but radiant Dawn’s rosy fingers Pull apart the twilit gloom Clouds hug the sky’s edge The delicate birds with a resounding chorus Wake the tired world The dewdrops sparkle every blade of em’rald grass Reflecting the light A glorious smile The sun comes into her… Continue reading dreaming morning haikus

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