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about two weeks ago I was just not doing well. I had a million emotions (many of them negative) and was extremely sad, confused, and anxious about several things. I was trying very hard not to take out my frustration on myself in a negative way but couldn’t summon any words to write and had no energy or motivation to exercise. So I located my paints and scrap paper, spread it all out on my bed, and starting painting. It’s really all I did for I don’t know how long – quotes, abstract lines, lyrics, random pictures… I am by no means talented, but it didn’t matter. I had to get everything out somehow and this was the only way I knew how. 

20-odd pieces of paper and a day later, I had calmed down. I didn’t have the bubbling, angry well of emotions threatening to spill over dangerously every other second. Painting isn’t something I do often, but somehow it nursed me through a harrowing couple of days. 

Hanging them up was very calming as well, lining up edges and arranging it all the way I wanted, and now they’re there as a reminder that I can get through anything and I sometimes have to look outside my usual little world for coping techniques sometimes. I was on the edge of a meltdown that Friday and by Sunday night was ready to go back to school. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share. Have a lovely Friday πŸ™‚   


One thought on “coping

  1. There’s something in you that’s waiting to be let out, clearly. Be well, Victoria. You’re far stronger than you give yourself credit for.

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