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I met with a therapist/psychiatrist/counselor (no idea what the difference is) for the first time this morning… she was very nice, and quite young (which my friend said is helpful). I think I like her. It was strange though…and she kept asking “anything else?” like I should just say whatever I thought she needed to know…what does she need to know?

I’m very hesitant to tell people things and it seems weird that I should just start talking about everything to a complete stranger. I want to be there and I want her to help me but I’m very bad at assessing my emotions/processing and I always overthink things so it’s just difficult to talk. Do I tell her about self harm? Do I tell her about the boyfriend person? Do I tell her how I feel about myself? How do you just bring those things up? And what is she going to tell my mother? Is she allowed to tell her everything? Ughhhh.

Well, I’m supposed to journal so that I can figure out my triggers and whether there is a pattern to my moods. Triggers… I think he is one but I didn’t feel like saying that, especially ’cause I think I’m getting rid of him. I’ll have to see what else is. I remember that I figured out one like a month ago and then I managed to forget. Nice, Victoria.

We’re going to work on managing stress, and just managing everything. I’m not brilliant at that. It should be easier since I’m out of school now though. And damn I just remembered I didn’t pick up my prescription. Sigh.

Anyway, this is all very interesting and strange.

Thanks for reading this nonsense



I’m going to make a new category that has to do with, like, dealing with all this instead of just lumping it all under “Thoughts”


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  1. At first try to talk with a therapist is really weird. It took me quite a few sessions until I started telling my therapist some stuff…and I still don’t really tell her everything at the moment but im getting there. While its weird in the beginning I have come to actually really like therapy, I haven’t seen my therapist for 2 weeks now and I really want to meet with her cause I have stuff I want to talk about.

    Although the more you tell your therapist the more they will be able to help you, best of luck! 🙂

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