I am being forced to consume copious amounts of spring mix because when the doctor sucked my blood out the other day she discovered I’ve an iron deficiency. I was actually quite relieved to discover that my weird headaches and tiredness had a real cause – I was starting to worry my meds were causing issues or something. It was a four-week checkup, and it seems my depression has improved so yay I think my meds work! She still increased them though, because I was on quite a low dose.

Of course, lots of foods have iron in them, but it’s easy to come home and throw some spinach into a bowl. I also had chicken salad, so that’s good. OH and I just discovered that whole wheat Cream of Wheat has like 50% of your daily iron intake and I am PUMPED I love that shit. I’m really boosting my iron foods until we figure out whether the insurance covers the prescription or if I need to just get a supplement. Headaches and exhaustion are just frustrating.

Tomorrow is that LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOOL I am so relieved. Only one more year in this red-dirt town. I got a 98% on my math final, which was the only one I was concerned about (honestly she made it really easy, so I’m grateful. That woman has been an excellent teacher and really worked with me when I have had yearbook priorities). I did the calculations and discovered that I only need a 54% on my history final tomorrow to keep my A…so I think I’ll skip the studying tonight. I don’t even think I’m capable of getting an F on a test in there.

The main thing that is stressing me out is this poem I have to write as a last grade for Lang…it was due on Wednesday but my mom had a chat with her and she said I could have until Friday, since I basically had a breakdown on Monday and didn’t go to school on Tuesday…this week’s been rough. Writing a poem really should not be an issue for me; I have a half-poetry blog for crying out loud. But it has to be stylistically like the one she had us annotate and my unfocused, headachey, bran is really not feeling up to it right now. Hence the long-blog-post style of procrastination. I’ll share the poem if I manage to write it. It will probably be depression-related ’cause that’s kind of consuming me at the moment.

I am in this strange tired but stressed but hyped but sad mood… it’s quite odd, and I hope it recedes after the official close to my junior year tomorrow.

Thanks for reading… I love you all. When school ends I’ll definitely be on here more, both reading and writing.

~atp xx


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  1. Hang in there Victoria. Luckily iron deficiency isn’t hard to supplement. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you’ll continue to travel and grow.

  2. Hopefully the iron deficiency will help with the exhaustion. I’m tired a lot of the times so I got checked for iron too but sadly it wasn’t that easy. Kind of just comes with the territory of my illness. Sometimes the exhaustion is just so debilitating as im sure you know. Best of luck with the rest of finals! You’re school gets out early! Mine doesn’t get out till the first week of june but lucky for me I have senior projects so I got out a couple weeks ago 😀 .

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