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remember that poetry contest?

I asked you guys for help choosing poems about a month ago for the poetry contest my school was having in honour of National Poetry Month. I’ve won the last two years, and I got second this year. I was a bit disappointed, but the first place poem was really good. I got a gift card which I went and bought pens and nail polish with… Anyway, “paper cages” won.

Here it is, if you don’t remember:


trying to break free of a cage built of paper

inked with midnight black

every meaningless sheet added to my pack

breaks my aching back

a little more

two more years of this

and then eight again

every word i write down just goes straight from my pen

to an empty, lonely, black abyss

so far away that i dont even miss them

but the A’s give me a purpose in my ever unsure mind

the only thing that matters in this world so colourblind

cause nothing’s black and white – it’s only shades of faded grey

punctuated by the fire and the blood of every day

While we just sit and write and talk our silly lives away

in our world of paper cages


Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!



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