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hey hey

i know it’s been a while, but I’m through with apologising because I do it so damn frequently lately and then everyone gets upset. 

So, life update instead:

  • I just got an iPaddddd
  • AP exams are done! Only a math final and Latin project left to do 
  • School ends a week from Friday 
  • I broke up with my boyfriend and we officially stopped talking yesterday 

-The previous four occurrences should lead to an increased WordPress presence, as should the installation of my SSD-

  • Yearbooks arrived and they are gorgeous 
  • I’ve been volunteering at the library and I absolutely adore it
  • I got a new doctor and will be seeing a therapist week after next…kind of terrified but know it’s good
  • Made nice with my ex…hopefully that goes well 
  • I’m in love with Twenty One Pilots and Egypt Central 

And I think that’s all for now…it’s good to be back. Between exams and relapsing and relationships WP sort of fell through the cracks. 

Love you all! Can’t wait to catch up on blogs 🙂 


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