- boys/crushes/shitty things like that · 1) EVERYTHING · 3) THOUGHTS


We stood on the brink of perfection, on the edge of euphoria found only in each other’s arms

The uphill trek had been long, so littered with tears and “sorry”s and “please just go”s that the ash from our burning hearts covered the hills like snow.

Hand in hand we stood at the summit, ready to take the world by storm.

But something happened. It was bound to happen – something always happened. We just thought maybe, maybe, this time it wouldn’t, because we’d never gotten this close before.

We were wrong.

I stumbled, over logic, or sadness, or insecurity…or all three. Down the mountain I went, through the cinders of our ardent love as it mingled with my salty tears and covered me with four months’ worth of regret.

So now I sit at the bottom, gazing upward, sure I’ll never have the energy to make the climb again. Never again be able to bear it, bear watching you stand there alone as you do now, a lonely silhouette against the fiery sky of the setting sun, blazing with perfection and sadness as you slowly begin to make your way down the slope. 

No, once you reach the bottom this time, once your love is extinguished for good, I’ll leave you be. 



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