save me 


the answer is no, I’m not okay. It’s 4 am and  I’m trying to write a poem for the yearbook opening ’cause I’m tired of our stupid thematic stories of which I wrote the majority. I didn’t tell my adviser I’m doing a poem – she probably thinks it’ll be another lame ass (actually my stories rocked) story so this has to be PHENOMENAL.  Some of our content isn’t great, thanks to an array of lazy writers, so I really really want us to have something unique. I also want a piece that both the judges and the school can truly appreciate… And that’s the problem. Doing something for competition and the student body is really difficult- do I go thematic? Full of spirit? Something mentioning the actual book? Something very inspiring but leaving out the theme? How important even is the theme anymore?? I’m an idiot, it’s very important. But I also have to stick with the WOLFPACK idea of the page… And did I mention we’re submitting TODAY? Lovelies, help me. If you were (or are) in high school, what kind of message would you want the opening page of the book to send? What sort of ideas would you want it to embody? I don’t need specifics, just general ideas…I have lost all objectivity


7 thoughts on “save me 

  1. I think a sort of fast year-in-review, so twenty years from now when they pick it up and glance at the first page, they’ll be greeted with a flood of memories…both of the school year and that year in the world.

  2. Back to basics. Keep it simple. I know nothing about your school or class, but the “wolfpack” theme says “stick together no matter what” to me. Try using the metaphor, not the literal. Speak to what’s likely to keep you all in touch, so that 25 years from now you’ll all still be in touch, your families will know each other, you’ll all still be helping each other out. (Far easier now than it was 25 years in the past when my high school class graduated.) Hope that helped. Good luck Victoria!

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