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Motivation: take two


In honour of World Poetry Day, I’m resurrecting a poem I wrote quite a while ago called “Motivation.” Not a great name, but it basically tells why I write…reading it was actually really refreshing in a way – it reminded me what’s important and why I do what I do. Helped me with my yearbook freakout a bit (sorry about that).

I write to feel the world as it goes spinning ’round the sun
And I write to feel the sting as empty makes my soul go numb
I write to catch the moment as it gallops past my pen
And I write to drive out memories I don’t need to see again

I write to nurture feelings lurking in my tender heart
And I write to fight emotions of which I desire no part
I write to kindle fires and I write to douse the flames
I write to both forget myself and remember my name

I write to know I’m worth the love my family has put in
And I write to know I’m nothing but a child consumed by sin
I write in hopes that maybe someone somewhere gets my drift
But most of all I write just to be sure that I exist

© Vicky Morrison 2013-2014


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