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rain, rain, don’t go away

Well, I’m supposed to be writing a creative bit for a yearbook division, but was extremely uninspired so what did I do? Ran out in the rain with my camera, of course. I absolutely love rain.

Am I inspired? Not sure yet. But I am soaking wet with freezing feet and frizzy hair.
Okay, most of the photos sucked. But I love how this street lamp reflects off the water on the road and the tree next to it.
I love this tree… that’s yesterday (clear-ish) vs. today (rainy). So yeah. Stupid powerlines

Anddd off I go to write a sports division. Wish me luck xx



One thought on “rain, rain, don’t go away

  1. I always love feet pics and especially like this one..i’d like to see a series! I think you have a good idea there–to beat the rain by going out in it. Next time I’ll try it. Long time since I’ve tried that, although I did go swimming in the rain a few days ago and it was glorious. Hot thermal water below, cool rain above. Judy

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