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Well, I never do the Daily Post’s photography prompts, but the writing one today wanted me to make up a joke… I don’t do jokes. And the photography one looked fun, so I found my camera and snapped a few pictures. It was:

Wall: Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you

Okay, so all I did was take photos of my bedroom walls. Maybe I could’ve gotten a bit more creative, but it was entertaining. And gave me a chance to upload a bunch of other pictures I have from, like, last year.


This is above my bed (aka tiny mattress on the floor)… I love Lambos, the bottom map is of South Africa, I got the batik in Swaziland, and my whiteboard just has all my favourite poetry and writing quotes. Oh and I’m reading Hemingway’s Across the River and Into the Trees…it’s a bit slow and I’ve never read any of his stuff so we’ll see how that goes. So many commas!


Ah, my dolls…my friends all think they’re creepy and I absolutely adore them. I got most of them from an older lady we knew when we lived in Idaho (which is why I have that license plate too). Their names, left to right, are: Becca, Josefina, Jane (Eyre), Clara, and Adriana. We won’t worry about the little ones.

Then my desk with all my books and notebooks and poetry book set and lots of knick knacks.


South African flag, of course. And a map of the Formula 1 racetrack in Austin. Some postcards (from the Met) and a few old photos hanging up, baby picture of Victoria, and my second favourite doll, Avalon Charmon (favourite is Jane). Oh, and a little paper version of houses and a shop our friend from England sent me.


This is right next to my bed – the little yellow papers are where I’ve been in the States…half the states, but 3/4 of the country. Hopefully a bit more will be traversed this summer when I check out universities.

Anddddddd that’s it. Well, my walls. I think it’s a pretty good representation of me…my mother told me not to stick too many tacks in the drywall but I’ve been slowly adding more and more. I’m a good kid, but I need my decor.


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