- boys/crushes/shitty things like that · - my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING


our mouths, melding into one…
couldn’t tell where my tongue ended and yours began

i don’t understand how we got here
but i’ll just be grateful and allow myself to love you for as long as i can

looking back, the path is foggy
littered with tears and broken faith and arguments

shards of my heart that you picked up
unraveled sanity that you sewed back together
sadness you dusted away with the ease of the wind on the Kansas plains

my mind and my heart, my sad and my happy, my crazy and calm
you have it all cradled in the palm of your hand

and all i have left to do now is trust you


I went and bought a cheap fountain pen yesterday (which is SO MUCH FUN to write with) because I had some cash from babysitting, and it was such a nice afternoon that I went and crashed on a bench at the library park and scribbled thoughts. So this post is just pulled from yesterday’s inky notebook entry.


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