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missing you

Striding across the room, I threw open the heavy black curtains and let the cold grey light of early morn filter in. Damn it, if I’m going to stay up all night I should at least get to see the sunrise. Frustrated, I pulled them closed and sank onto my mattress on the floor, tugging my tangled blankets over me and burying my head into the pillow to escape the chilly remnants of light. I felt around for another pillow and wrapped my limbs around it as I drew it closer. I felt foolish, but you weren’t there so what else was I supposed to do? I could sense my phone by my cheek – it hadn’t buzzed since I’d sent that text at 4. I assumed you’d fallen asleep. You were always doing that in the middle of conversations… Then again, so was I. It was selfish to have kept you up so late anyway. But I felt so immensely empty and alone now … like I was the last one left on the planet awake.


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