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amō, amāre, amāvī, amātum

Oh, Daily Post, are you reading my diary? You asked what love is…and I think I’m going to read through the answering posts to see if anyone has an answer.

because last night he said

“I love you”
Out of the blue
And I said it too…
I think it was true.

He’d never said it before, and I wished I could say the same
I’ve loved, but he didn’t want to know their names

And he’s right, they don’t matter anymore
Honestly, I’ve never felt like this before

Love is different at thirteen, and fifteen, and now
Did I love those boys? Did I even know how?

I’m still not sure that I know what it means
But I want him, I need him – that’s enough for me

I’ll admit that I’m scared that I might be wrong
That I don’t really get what they say in those songs

But I’ll try, and I’ll care, and I’ll do what I can
And then someday, somehow, maybe I’ll understand

© Victoria Morrison 2015


4 thoughts on “amō, amāre, amāvī, amātum

  1. This is quite lovely, Victoria. You are a smart young woman. And, please remember, love will be different in all stages of your live. Not better, not worse. Different.

    1. Thanks Mark 🙂 and yeah, that’s something I’ve been learning recently. Which is what makes it sort of hard to know when it’s real or not…but if whatever this is right now isn’t it, then I have no clue what is

      1. If you feel both crazy and good about him when you’re not with him, comfortable about yourself when you’re not with him, and positive about both of you when you’re together, then it’s right and true, Victoria.

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