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We stood on the brink of perfection, on the edge of euphoria found only in each other’s arms The uphill trek had been long, so littered with tears and “sorry”s and “please just go”s that the ash from our burning hearts covered the hills like snow. Hand in hand we stood at the summit, ready to take the world by storm. But… Continue reading almost

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Motivation: take two

In honour of World Poetry Day, I’m resurrecting a poem I wrote quite a while ago called “Motivation.” Not a great name, but it basically tells why I write…reading it was actually really refreshing in a way – it reminded me what’s important and why I do what I do. Helped me with my yearbook… Continue reading Motivation: take two

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save me 

   the answer is no, I’m not okay. It’s 4 am and  I’m trying to write a poem for the yearbook opening ’cause I’m tired of our stupid thematic stories of which I wrote the majority. I didn’t tell my adviser I’m doing a poem – she probably thinks it’ll be another lame ass (actually my stories… Continue reading save me 

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pieces of me

Well, I never do the Daily Post’s photography prompts, but the writing one today wanted me to make up a joke… I don’t do jokes. And the photography one looked fun, so I found my camera and snapped a few pictures. It was: Wall: Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a… Continue reading pieces of me

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our mouths, melding into one… couldn’t tell where my tongue ended and yours began i don’t understand how we got here but i’ll just be grateful and allow myself to love you for as long as i can looking back, the path is foggy littered with tears and broken faith and arguments shards of my heart… Continue reading

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