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When people ask how I am

I’ve taken to saying


They chuckle and tell me that’s good

But they don’t understand

It’s the best I can do,

Between sadness

and sickness

and you.

It’s been a month on half a white pill –

I’m trying to feel okay

Antibiotics and cough drops

have ruled the last few days

Without your kiss I’m fading

But with it I’d be numb

So I’m sad, I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m done

I’m sore , I’m confused, and I’m glum

~but i’m alive~


3 thoughts on “depression/illness/heartbreak

  1. If I describe this poem as ‘fun’ someone may think me mad. However, it was. I love the quintessential teenage theme (how could it be otherwise, right?) and the the hope it brings. Twice you reduce the space on the poem, bringing about a sense of desperation, as if we were nearing an unpleasant end. At first it seemed the meter simply dropped from 7 to 6 to 2 feet, a bit confusing, then the second drop was more measured, form 8 to 6 to 6 (meant to be 5?) to 4 to 3 and 2. A countdown and a descent, both narrowing and limiting, a second choke point. Then a breath, wider lines and greater hopes, almost like a soft evening breeze. The delivery of an eight by six quatrain gave some consistency, and some understanding of the pain. It is all erratic, like breathing under pressure. I like your conclusion, for despite it all you are, and so are we, still alive. No one should have to be happy all the time, but one should always try to keep hope alive. Nice work on this.

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