We were there in the dark, kissing, pressed together…and then suddenly I wanted to jump up and scribble down a line of poetry with the beautiful new pen he’d just given me. Problem is, now I can’t remember what it was. All I can recall is that I was intensely aware of both our heartbeats and came up with some brilliant idea that’s abandoned me now. I should’ve just written it down.

Don’t you hate when that happens? It often occurs before I go to sleep as well… I’ll devise something perfectly lovely in my mind for the division page I still haven’t done, then drift off and wake up, my mind completely blank where the  words should have been.

I don’t know what my point is, but I wanted to express that unbelievably frustrating sense of knowing you had something great and then your brain and the world conspire to distract you before you can jot it down.

Well, if I ever remember it I’ll make it a poem. How often does it happen to you?



2 thoughts on “damn

  1. Ha! Yes. All the time. Thoughts are fleeting, like time – you have been writing about time as of late, it seems. Funny; how our thoughts run ahead of us while we live in the moment, static, enjoying the present, wishing it will never run its course and leave us irrevocably yet happily lost in a single second of existence. After all, who cares? No matter how much you delay your soul when you open your eyes you will be in the future anyway. Your soul will have caught up with your physical form, which ages none the less, that part of us we cannot stop at all. You will have moved along, found yourself whole again. So yes, who cares? Live in the moment of a kiss! Oh wait… the poem you lost…well, next time, I suppose.

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