the important things

“It’s whom,” I mutter under my breath as my yearbook peers chatter among themselves, well on their way to exterminating the English language. They just laugh at me and carry on the annihilation. I sigh. What more did I expect from photographers?*

As the copy editor, I am constantly correcting everyone around me, not just in the yearbook room but when I’m with family and friends as well. It’s a bit of a joke on staff when someone says something incorrect and I tell them off. Some rules just cannot go unobserved! I usually try to restrain myself, though – I’ll save it for my editing and essays. I feel that I care a little too much about spelling, grammar, and words in general, but it’s not something I can let go of. It’s a passion. Plus, our yearbook last year was commended for being really well edited, and it’s not like the adviser had anything to do with it. Okay, maybe a bit, but it was mostly me.

I have explained when to use “who” and “whom” to my brother at least three times now during our after-dinner conversations, but he always forgets what the subject and object are, rendering my teaching useless. I looked over the essay he and his friend wrote the other night and almost cried – I’ll be tutoring the two of them this summer in English and Math for the PSAT, and I can tell you that is going to be a job and a half.

Oh… I’m just now realising that I’ve told stories instead of doing what the prompt said – “Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all.” I guess it’s okay ’cause I try to explain it to that lot every day – nevermind that I get absolutely nowhere.

I’m obviously not the only person on the planet who cares about or is able to learn these things – any idiot can do it. And I’m far from knowing everything. But I care so much and everyone else seems to care so little and it drives me up the wall. Hey, yearbook staff: ‘APART’ and ‘A PART’ are not interchangeable! They’re basically antonyms!

It’s aware that our language is constantly evolving – no one knows that better than a Latin kid. But it’s beautiful and it hurts me when people don’t treat it as such.


A tip on improving grammar and vocabulary: take Latin. When you’re already good at English it makes Latin easier, then Latin in turn helps with the English, and then it’s just a big circle of loveliness and exciting words and finding out new things. Ugh, who even needs math?

*I love photographers you are wonderful people and I know you can also be capable of English don’t hate me


3 thoughts on “the important things

  1. I taught English, so I feel hyour pain. But I will tell you that others will not learn from you if you make them feel small and stupid. Keep your passion. Just gentle it down a notch 🙂

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