i figured it out

I love having a blog. I may not have thousands of followers or be a writing sensation, but I do have a little corner of the internet that belongs to me. Well, technically to WordPress, but I’m borrowing it, so same difference right? After my last class today I collapsed into my chair in the yearbook room, logged onto my computer, and after glancing around to make sure no one was watching too carefully, clicked on the bookmark that links to theemptiednotebooks.wordpress.com. (I’ll edit later, okay?) And there was my lovely blue background, the photo of my brother and I against the waves, my latest poem in its clean sans-serif font… and I smiled. It was mine mine mine mine mine and to see it all on the beautiful, hi definition, 27-inch screen made it that much better.

Then I remembered what the Daily Post prompt was, which I decided to ignore this morning for lack of anything to write, and made up my mind in response to its question. It may be selfish, but I would rather keep my little corner than surrender it to peruse others’. My apologies, all. I’d rather have my blog than yours. And being the dreadful person I am, I would hope that the rest of the planet would make the opposing choice and continue to read my work.

(But since I don’t have to actually make that choice I’ll happily carry on having both. So try to forget this post).



One thought on “i figured it out

  1. There’s nothing selfish about that choice. Your blog’s purpose is to feed your hunger for writing and self-expression. The prompt is supposedly a choice between equally bad options, so it’s not supposed to be satisfying one way or the other.

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