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“The sea needs a poem like the flowers need sun”

I wrote this in my mind over a year ago, as I sat atop a rock on a beach near Cape Town, gazing at the ocean (I’m so thankful to my great uncle for capturing it, even if he wasn’t aware of the significance to me). I didn’t have a notebook with me, but thankfully the concept stuck and I remembered to scribble it down. It was in my mind the whole time we traveled along the coast – I tried so hard to make it into a poem. It’s not even an especially profound or poetic line, but as I sat on that rock I knew that the sea simply was poetry, and that I absolutely had to give it a poem. Yes, I’m aware that many a writer has already done that, but it needed one from me.

I wrote and wrote – it came to nothing. That was the only concrete line I ever produced and it’s not much. This post seems arbitrary, but when I stumbled across the line last night my frustration and awe resurfaced and I figured if I couldn’t muster a poem, this post was the next best thing. I just had the need to explain it all to someone.

I’m not really sure what my point is, but surely you guys have had that feeling? Where you have the need to write about something but it is just too magnificent for your words to capture, so you give up? It drives me insane. One day I’ll write a poem for the ocean. And Christmas. And him. And all the other things I never could.



Honestly, I think I can call that month in which we went back to South Africa last year one of the best of my life. Rediscovering the place that was inherently a part of me, the culture I had once been a part of, the beauty of the country…it was indescribable. I won’t ramble on because I have a host of emotions threatening to overflow if I try to talk about it for a moment too long, so I simply won’t.


One thought on “Someday

  1. I totally understand your frustration at not being able to capture the magnificence of something. Usually, what happens to me, is: I will start writing about something, and I will be unable to do complete justice to it, so I will end up with a completely unexpected poem about a slightly different topic. 😊 But I think that act of creation is beautiful in its own way. That spontaneity is what makes it exciting. You never really know where you are going to end up when you pick up that pen. It might not lead you exactly where you wanted to go… But it might lead you somewhere else exciting instead. 😊

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