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We Have Yet to See… but i’m prepared to go

I could write a novel
With the texts sent this past week
I could found religions
On these answers that we seek

I could fuel a nation
On emotions you’ve expressed
I could fill a graveyard
With the ones that I’ve suppressed

All this staying power
Is what I don’t understand
Should we say our goodbyes?
Or continue hand in hand?

ยฉ Victoria Morrison 2015


3 thoughts on “We Have Yet to See… but i’m prepared to go

  1. I cast my vote for continuing hand in hand. What a shame it would be to not see more of the fabulous writing you have done today. What a wonderful poem, Victoria. And you must realize that such words come from a unique and valuable mind and heart and person. Keep pouring this pain into your words and hopefully one day they will float you out of what you feel caught in. I don’t mean to trivialize or simplify or understate what you are going through. Just want you to know what other people find of value in you. Your words are all of you that some of us know, but they are enough to convince us of your special nature. And hope you keep talking as well–to those you trust. Judy

    1. Judy, you give me so much hope sometimes, especially when I’m beginning to doubt myself. You have such a way with words, directly to people or in your general posts, and I appreciate every comment of yours.

      I hope you’re right, about the words floating me out…I suppose that’s a large part of why many of us write. And it’s a comfort to know some people enjoy my work – even though it’s largely for me it seems less pointless that way.

      Thank you xx now that I’ve resurfaced I’ll have to get back to reading your blog – I’m just now beginning to go through the Reader again.

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