One More Dayyyyyy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Due Time.”

Okay. This is so appropriate right now. I guess it is for a lot of people, since it’s right before Christmas.

Anyway, I should be studying but I needed a distraction. My last two finals are tomorrow, and as soon as I scribble down the last word on my Biology test, this all consuming ball of constricting stress in my stomach shall hopefully dissipate. I’m kind of viewing that as my “deadline” … as soon as the bell rings at 2:30, I’m outta there. I’m going to spend some time with my boyfriend – he really just de-stresses me – and the last remnants of finals anxiety will be banished. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend is pretty busy, with my mom’s birthday celebration Friday night, my grandma’s birthday on Saturday, and babysitting for the better half of Sunday, but I’m confident that sleep and Netflix will make their long awaited debut among it all.

Deadlines-wise I also have yearbook, and we are way behind, but that never really goes away. I think I’ll cry with happiness when we get these 30 spreads submitted though.

Anyway, I really miss WordPress at the moment! I just haven’t had the time or energy to be present.

Love you all,



2 thoughts on “One More Dayyyyyy

  1. and soon – when your priorities are sorted – you will be able to be present again as you wish to be! 😀
    If you have not already written – best of focus to you! And if you have – Merry Christmas!

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