Isn’t it beautiful?


My grandpa got me this epic Cross pen(cil) that, if you twist it, can be a black pen, a red pen, or a mechanical pencil. And it’s a stylus on the other end. It’s excellent – I’m never going to use anything else in my life.

My grandpa works in Argentina but he’s in town for December, though I haven’t been able to see much of him due to school and babysitting and piano. Hopefully that will change after finals this week. He got my brother and I the pens because of all the academic stuff we’ve achieved this year. It’s pretty cool – honestly I’ve never been so excited about a writing utensil in my life (and I get pretty hyped about pens).

Oh and see that page full of tiny writing? That’s what I accomplished during 55 minutes of Precalculus/Trig. Congrats, Vicky.

It’s a mystery to me how I maintain my grades.


5 thoughts on “Isn’t it beautiful?

    1. Oh gosh, no thanks. I shall never take Physics – it’s an evil combination of my two most hated subjects. Good luck!!

  1. Treat the pen right and it will treat you to a long, full life of great thoughts and words expressed with a flourish, Victoria. Great grandpa you have. Oh, happy holiday. πŸ™‚

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