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And I Still Don’t Have a Ring

Whoa. It’s a quarter past midnight and WordPress has informed me that this is my second anniversary with them. I didn’t even know.

I just think it’s pretty cool that it’s the 7th, cause that’s my lucky number, and December is my favourite month.

So yay. I was fifteen when I made this blog… ha. Me, as a freshman at fifteen. I’m sorry to anyone who witnessed that…that was after Logan, before Parker, I think. I tend to use boys as time references, because I think whom I date tells me a lot about myself.

Ugh, whatever. Happy two years to WordPress and I! It’s been quite an adventure – I’ll write a poem when I’m not half asleep. I’ve got the next 23 hours, right?

Goodnight, WordPress darling



8 thoughts on “And I Still Don’t Have a Ring

  1. happyannibloggyversary! sorry i know it probably seems like ages to you now. Do you have any tips on how to find something to write about daily for a long amount of time? Like two years seems like a lots to me and I would just run out of ideas. Thanks x

    1. Hey! Honestly I don’t write daily, and although I started this blog two years ago I only started blogging actively again a couple of months ago. Since my blog is “A Teenage (Poet’s) Life,” poetry was supposed to be a big part of it but the life part is what sort of took over…I have a very difficult time opening up to people, so I sort of treat my blog as a diary (though I still have a real diary for different stuff) or a friend to whom I would impart my experiences and emotions. It’s largely to help me express myself and not explode. I also use it poetry-wise because I could never share my poems with people I know, so it helps me put them out there and get feedback.
      Long story short, I write what I feel like. A lot of my writing is for me, mainly. Some people just like to read it. I hope that’s at least a little bit helpful…best of luck!

      1. Thank you!! I am new to blogging and it seems a lot of people are using it in a similar way to you. Another thing I have recently learnt through blogging is that lots of people are like me (and I think like you) and although we have trouble opening up in the real world we are able to through blogging. It would be great to have a chat with you, if you want?

  2. Happy annibloggyversary! O.O oh hang on, I think they say “blogoversary” but eh, let’s stick with the first because it’s got bloggy in it 🙂

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