Resolve (not really haha)


It’s my goal to fill up a whole notebook with writing…but that’s a bit of a problem when I can’t seem to stop collecting them. These are my favourite, “pretty” (besides the red comp one), notebooks. I have a whole stack of spirals too. But all of these aren’t even written in – some only a page or two. I love to write, to scribble down my feelings, but since I’ve gotten a computer (and a blog) I’ve been using my notebooks less and less. One day, though, I’ll fill oneย up instead of flitting from notebook to notebook…or maybe I’ll do that for so long that they’ll all get used up.

Anyway, I promise not to buy anymore notebooks until all of these are used up! (*subtly crosses fingers behind back*)


**If you’re wondering, I decided to pull them all off the little shelf on my desk because The Daily Post prompt was about “leftovers” – finding an old poem or photo or writing piece and making it something new. I think it’s a really cool prompt; I’ll be flicking through these and finding something to rework. So look out for that! And I encourage you to pop over there and try it for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Resolve (not really haha)

    1. Yeah, it does! I love it too – I got it at a yearbook convention in New York and I kept it because it fits perfectly into even my tiny little purse and is so useful to have when I forget a real notebook and it’s rude to have my phone out.

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