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Red Lights

My phone buzzed. A text.

“I’m here.”


“Yeah, in your driveway.”

Shrugging, I switched off the computer, grabbed some cash, and told my mom I was getting food with a friend. Then I slipped out of the front door and into his car, letting the not-yet-familiar smell envelope me. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this.

“Hey.” Me, trying not to smile stupidly.

“Hey.” Him, probably not even noticing.

I don’t remember where the conversation went from there. He wanted a destination – I didn’t have one for him. We drove aimlessly, arguing and laughing and talking awkwardly and making fun of each other, him threatening to take me home several times if I didn’t decide where we were going. I knew he wouldn’t. I knew he wanted to kiss me.

Eventually, it just happened at a red light. Suddenly he was very close and my head was turning and our lips were touching and the host of butterflies in my stomach was threatening to overwhelm me. It was over very quickly – I probably put a hand to my lips afterwards to see if his ghost was still there. I know I was smiling, but I didn’t dare look at him to see what he thought.

Apparently, though, it didn’t go too badly. Every light after that was another opportunity – don’t worry, we weren’t (too) reckless.

It didn’t go very far that day, but when I stepped out of his car and skipped up the front steps into my house, I was trying to keep an even stupider grin away. I was acutely aware of the long-suppressed sense of feelings for someone stirring in my chest, and I knew I had made either one of the best or most dangerous decisions of my life.


10 thoughts on “Red Lights

  1. I wasn’t saying that you needed to add anything, but the added sentence does improve the ending. The whole thing screams for the reader to want to read the narrator’s mind, but that just means you’re doing a good job of teasing.

    Also want to say that the title is very effective as well (I’m a sap for good post titles). Great way to make an analogy that the narrator may have had concerns about running through a few internal red lights, but did it anyway.

    1. I’m glad you said something, because I definitely think it needed an extra line.

      And yay about the title – that’s what I was going for, so I’m thrilled it worked.
      Thank you very much, Riccardo – your comments are always so insightful and helpful; I get excited when I see you’ve left something for me to read.
      Also, I’ve been woefully neglecting the blogs I follow since this yearbook editing storm has hit, but I’ll definitely be a better reader as soon as it calms down and Thanksgiving Break arrives.
      Again, thank you xx

      1. Well, it’s either that or I just hit the like button and bounce. Glad you find it all somewhat useful.

        Priorities. You have a good handle on them. Every post the world makes will be here when you’re done with the important stuff. Take care of business.

  2. Well written. You convey the controlled excitement effectively in the third-to-last paragraph. Referring to the last sentence, I don’t see how the events described can be interpreted as dangerous. I’m thinking there’s some internal monologue that the narrator (deliberately) omitted.

    Is this the same event that prompted that excited post from several days ago, or is this a subsequent event? 🙂

    1. I see what you mean about it not being able to be seen that way… I was actually a bit unsure about that part when I posted, but I went ahead anyway. I forget that those who read my writing aren’t inside my head. I’ll tweak it – tell me what you think, if you’d like.

      And yes, it is that event haha. Quite a bit has happened since then so I’ve got a somewhat different perspective, and the Daily Post prompt was the perfect opportunity to write it out. Obviously not all the details were put in and a few may have been altered, but it was basically the way things occurred.

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