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Coffee Table Stage

The sunset shone a reddish gold
Upon two girls, just eight years old
They twirled and spun, they sang and danced
Lost within a youthful trance

A coffee table was their stage
A scratched CD their serenade
Messy buns and pink tutus
Leotards and ballet shoes

A mirror hung there in the lounge
Reflecting faces, sweet and round
Around the corner mommy peeked
At spark’ling eyes and rosy cheeks

They knew not what those lyrics meant
Heartbreak, love, and trust that’s bent
Ignorance was truly bliss
Dad the first and only kiss

At fifteen now, they understand
Begin to see the hurt at hand
They long to be again that age
When the coffee table was their stage

© Victoria Morrison


I know I’ve already posted this poem, but it tied in perfectly with this prompt…these are the days I look back on fondly.


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