Don’t Judge Me

I, Victoria, did a Zumba class. Two, actually. I’ve never done something like that before and I was so nervous about it, but I went with my best friend and it was honestly fabulous. I’ve always felt uncomfortable about working out with another person, but with her I really don’t mind. I’m a very ungraceful, and not exactly tiny, person, and I. do. not. dance. But the class is a motley, from beginners barely managing to move their feet properly (me) to people that have every song down pat and can even add their own twists.

I’m just honestly so glad that my friend and I decided to do it. I haven’t worked out much since I decided not to do soccer this semester and it’s definitely taken a toll on me emotionally and physically. Sure, two classes isn’t nearly enough to make a real difference yet, but I’ve definitely been more upbeat, and since it’s been over the course of four days it’s not just a good mood. To wake up with the familiar ache in whatever muscles you exerted the night before is something I’ve missed, and I’m certainly going to make an effort to keep going. I get my license in two weeks (I know I know I’m pathetic ’cause I could have gotten it a year ago) and when I do that I’ll have the freedom to go whenever I want. I’ll probably go when my friend does still because we really motivate each other, and if one of us doesn’t feel like we can do it the other tells them that they most definitely can.

So anyway, my  abs hurt when I laugh. And I laugh at nearly everything, so today has been a struggle.

But now I have rootbeer (I hardly ever drink soda but we decided to grab drinks today) and I have piano tonight and I didn’t have to go to classes today because yearbook is in charge of group picture day (organising high schoolers is like herding cats (that’s my friend’s expression)) and I might go grab food with him after school tomorrow and it’s almost FRIDAY.

Hell yes.



5 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me

  1. Herding cats XD
    Zumba!!! Ahhhh I’ve tried it, and I’m bad at it, but I think it’s such a good/fun concept. And I’m really sorry, but what actually is a rootbeer? 😀

    1. Whhhhhhhhhhat do you guys not have root beer (I’ve just realised it’s supposed to be two words)? It’s the best soda in the whole actual world. I think it is a very American thing though – my mom (who did not grow up in the States) says it tastes like cough medicine, and my best friend’s mom (who is Pakistani and therefore also did not grow up in the US) agrees. But that is a LIE because it’s delicious and no one can ever convince me otherwise. Like I said, I hardly every drink soda but if I do it’s always root beer.
      Also I’ve just gone and Googled it and it’s made with sassafras tree root, for the record. And according to Google it’s exclusively North American, so that explains that. But they had some (albeit not very good) at a shop in South Africa so I assumed it would be other places too.
      So yeah. Root beer!

      1. 😀 AWESOME!

        I thought it was some alcoholic drink (because of the word “beer” in the name). And some like….BEETROOT or something added XD

        1. I think it used to be made with alcohol like a million years ago or whenever they discovered it so that’s probably why it’s called that.
          hahaha it totally does sound like beetroot I never thought about that! I don’t think I’ll be able to look at root beer the same way

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