Today Today Today

I KNOW this isn’t Instagram or Facebook or whatever kids use these days, but today was just fantastic. I’m not even sure why… well, I do know I adored my outfit. My mom and grandma bought me this shirt and I finally got around to wearing it, and everybody loved it. Srsly.


I usually look homeless at school, so it was a nice change. Its straps tie at the shoulder so I was totally paranoid it was gonna come undone even though it was double knotted. (It didn’t).

IMG_2751 (1)

Oh and he said he liked it which was just great.


(Jacket worn because dress code and stuff y’know?)

Also, I recently discovered (like this morning) my eyes are pretty much green? They’ve always been a shade of blue but lately they’ve definitely been green-grey instead. It’s odd…. I want the blue back.


Oh and I had a very nice doughnut and my best friend and I got stuff to do facials on Saturday.

Also, haircut yesterday. I know my hair’s a bit messy but trust me it’s loads better than it was.

Today was just GOOD after a week of bleh and I NEEDED TO TELL SOMEONE.

I’ve been extremely needy today and the fact that I even wrote this post probably reflects that. Sorry, I’m being a teenager-child today – I think I’m mature enough usually to make up for it.

If you made it to here I’m proud of you. All the love and cuddles xxxx ❤

~A Needy Teenage Poet


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