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A Two-Night Romance That ended with a hug

 It fizzes in my mouth

Like a hardened piece of memory

Dancing on my tongue

Like a fading chunk of sanity

The flavour was so unique (to me at least)

So completely tied to that country

that time, that place…

It all floats before my closed lids….

His face frozen in a laugh

The foreign music of the little bar

The buzz of the alcoholic cider

The nip of the cold air….

The air that bit my face as the goosebumps appeared

But I didn’t care

She could see the glittering lights inside

the mirth

the warmth

the people twirling on the dance floor like all they felt was the glow of the moment

But she felt everything, so here was where she wanted to be

under the cold starlight

the chilly air

the bright moon high in the night sky like a lamp

who refused to fade just for a couple of teenagers who deserved everything and wanted nothing

Like a lamp that revealed every emotion and flicker of thought she harboured … but as she found out later, it was only illuminating her face while the nighttime hid everything else

He stood there at her shoulder as she gazed into the room, wondering how they could dance

marveling at how they moved

and never once wanting to be one of them

But he mistook the gaze of admiration for one of longing

He saw her peer into the cozy light and thought she wanted to escape the murky cold

she didn’t.

she never did.

she should have said so.

she didn’t.

In that, she ended it

She let him lead her inside by the sleeve of her sweater, black like the turmoil engulfing her

and now I realise that maybe I thought he wanted the light.

But he didn’t

We didn’t belong there, either of us.

Which is why we belonged together.

I never should have set foot over that threshold, entered that room.

Maybe things could have been different.

Maybe there wouldn’t be so many regrets

Regrets. Ah. A funny word. All those things you cling to, wish you would have done, pray for a second chance…but did you…I….we….really want it different?

*Sorry it’s… strange. Maybe slightly incomprehensible and difficult to follow. Writing memories is tricky business*


2 thoughts on “A Two-Night Romance That ended with a hug

  1. Good job overall. The shift in perspective from first person to third person is a novel indicator that you’ve gone dream-sequence. Fun last sentence. Regret or relief?

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