Hello again! (with a sidetrack on dating)

Guys, I’m back into the swing of things! I have shamefully neglected WordPress for the last two weeks, because, well, probably the same reason I managed to get a C on my math quiz and didn’t do my history homework. I just wasn’t doing well at all. Not even sure why.

I think a lot of it had to do with the guy I was going out with… I’m a very introverted person unless I’m around my best friends, and for that reason dating someone is just very stressful for me, all the time. It’s not that he was high maintenance, but the obligation to reply to texts, go out places, say hi, not look homeless…it’s difficult, and it’s not worth it at this point in time. That sounds selfish, but unless it’s someone I actually think is “the one” or some shit, me and my peace of mind and my grades are not worth a high school relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere. Of course, I apologised profusely to him and felt very bad about it all, because he wanted so badly to make it work and I felt really horrible.

But does anyone else ever feel like that about dating? That it’s stressful? And taxing? Because when I tried to explain it to my friends who asked why I ended things they just looked at me like I was crazy, so I just said I didn’t like him all that much. I’m starting to wonder if something is wrong with me – I’ve dumped 4 guys in a row and haven’t been broken up with since like freshman year.

Sorry I really needed to get that out it’s been killing me for a week.


I think I’ve got my words and functioning brain back, so I shall once again be reading all your lovely work and writing some of my own. Many thanks to all who have kept liking and commenting during this period – y’all really helped me get back here.

I love you guys.

~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different


3 thoughts on “Hello again! (with a sidetrack on dating)

  1. “…the obligation to reply to texts, go out places, say hi, not look homeless…it’s difficult.”

    It sounds like you’ve been trying to be someone else, Victoria. That takes a toll, especially on introverts. Dating strangers isn’t for everyone.

    I think you’re making a good call. You’re in high school, there will be time later for boys and dating and sex and all that. Focus on what matters to you now. Besides, you sound like a person that’s more likely to find a deeper relationship with someone that’s been your friend for a while. The kind of person that already knows that you like to stay in, that you’re not likely to respond to texts, won’t care what you look like, and will love you for who you are.

    1. Well, I think you just made me realise something about myself that I didn’t really know. You’re right – I probably would do better with someone that I’ve known for some time…
      Thanks, for the comment and the eye-opener

  2. Dating is stressful for me too…but I like the companionship that you have in a relationship so it keeps me wanting more. You got to do what’s best for you though, power to you girl!

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