- my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING


I want to cry, I want to sob in someone’s arms as they rock me to sleep

and know they care about me enough to keep me out of this deep

fucking pit but I don’t know who can do it,

my family loves me but I feel like shit

every time I remember I don’t deserve it

and my head hurts like a million tiny stars are being born inside me

and I feel like you’re the only one that can satisfy me

but I don’t think you’ve ever cared half that much

and if you don’t then why am I in such

a good place when I dream about you,

a castle that falls when I know it’s not true

and I wake up and you’re thing first thing on my mind.

Then the weight and the worries and college and time 

and I’m losing it slowly but surely as hell.

So just tell them all I’ve been feeling unwell.


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