not just a number

Just as I did a year ago today

I stare into the mirror above the sink


It’s a different mirror, a different sink, a different house

But my eyes are still the same motley of blue and green and grey

and my hair the same circus of reddish-brown

(why is it never simple with me?)

It’s all so familiar, and thought I don’t think these shadows beneath my eyes were there on the last birthday

I’ve changed little on the exterior –

It’s my mind and heart and soul, my animus, that has undergone a year-long renovation.

With unexplained tears in my eyes

I stare, and usher in seventeen with a sigh

(I’m sorry it’s not very interesting or poetic, it’s just what was in my brain)


One thought on “not just a number

  1. So I guess it has possibly just been your 17th birthday….
    It IS a tiring age. I know – I have a 17yr old daughter. Busy times of your life. ENJOY! Dont worry – the dark circles will fade – you are allowed to have them at 17 😉 – means you are making the most of life 😛

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