Friday Night Fumbles

Have you ever spent two and a half hours (in the sun) playing the kindergarten equivalent of beer pong with elementary schoolers?

And then gone to a depressing football game (that your crush didn’t even go to like he said he would) that ended in a lovely, but pointless, Hail Mary?

If you have, you’ll understand why I’m typing this half asleep with one hand and eating Cheez its with the other and blaring Breaking Benjamin.

If you haven’t, I envy you.

I apologise for this immensely whiny post…I just have to be a teenager sometimes.

~A Girl Who Likes to Thi- ……..zzzZZzzzZZzz


One thought on “Friday Night Fumbles

  1. We’ve all lived that teenage life. It’s awkward and a time of transition, but it is fleeting. God bless your journey πŸ™‚

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